About Who we are

At safe city housing, we aim to deliver housing and care to those in need. We engage with our customers to develop a individualized support plan that meets their needs and aspirations. we offer a variety of housing services with a

  • Fully Serviced Support Packages,
  • Intended to Meet the Wide-Ranging n Needs of Our Residents

Our Aim

is to support our residents by helping to

  • Building their confidence,
  • Enable them to manage their tenancies successfully
  • Help encourage them to become fully integrated members of society
  • To make positive contributions to our communities.
  • Equip them with the key skills they need to function as far as is possible to become independent adults within society. Budget and debt consolidation
  • Training and volunteering
  • Helping them for employment and developing employability skills,
  • Helping them with social skills, self-care skills, living skills, issues relating to benefits

All of our properties, are fully compliant, insured and furnished to the current housing regulations. We make sure the residents feel safe and homely in our properties